Comments from our Guests

   "Loved every minute of this beautiful (wedding) weekend. Betsy spoiled us with our favorite breakfast. Don and I left....Monday morning smiling and yawning." 

Don & Amy
Belleville, MI 

   "Everything is so fresh and clean and the pecan French toast is out of this world!"

Maureen & Bill
Chicago, IL

   "Your home, breakfast and dogs are so welcoming and wonderful, but your smile and hugs take the cake!"

Katie & Ken
Superior, CO

   "We came back for our second visit most of all for the warmth and hospitality of this Inn and it's family. As Winston (dog) says, 'You can tell the quality of a doggie by the human it gots'. Max and Aria have one special human."

John & Sherry
Dearborn, MI

   "If all Bed 'n Breakfasts were as pleasant, welcoming and friendly as yours, and if all would provide breakfast as delicious as yours, no hotel or motel would remain in business."

Edythe & Wallly
Southburry, CT

   "What a pleasure it has been to be back in your beautiful home and to visit with you again! As usual, everything was wonderful and the food was sublime."

Tom & Rachel
Noblesville, IN

Rabid with anticipation,
Every detour an aggravation,
Pausing only for urination,
Tormented by salivation,
Fearful of emaciation,
Betsy's Inn - our destination!!

By the shore of Macatoa,
Land of quite excessive sno wa,
Stands a wondrous Bed 'N Breakfast,
Best one in the Northern Mid-West.

Betsy rules with charm and verve,
And care her guests do not deserve,
With warmth and skill all too rare,
A brilliant host beyond compare.

Her breakfasts are superb, delicious:
Fruits, creams, eggs (but rarely fishes).
Always tempting, never guilt-free,
A likely path to o besity.

When e'er we head Northwest again,
It's back to Betsy's, which we rate "10".
Driving swiftly, singing wildly,
Determined to fast - but only mildly.

Edythe and Wally Forman
Elaine and Lou Ferstandig
1422 South Shore Dr.
Holland, MI   49423

(616) 335-2525

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